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Planned Litter Spring 2013

We are planning litters for Tessa and Dallas with 'Porjay's Spirit Bear of TNT' in spring of 2013. Bear's sire is the famous American Field Trial Champion FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH Can MOTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer UDX WCX MH OBHF FDHF OS. Stanley's achievements are nothing short of breathtaking - a true field trial champion through and though. Stanley's owner was contacted in April 2013 to see if Stanley is still alive. His owner was proud to report that Stanley is 12 years old and "still going strong"!

Bear's owner flew to VT to get him due to the exceptional lines that his breeder brought together.  Bear hunts with his owner approximately 75 days a year for grouse, quail, pheasant and duck.  Bear has always been very eager to learn.  He is steadfast in his field performance both in off season training and while hunting.  Bear is one of the darkest goldens around.  Bear is now over six years old and has never experienced serious health issues.  He is structurally sound and has endurance that holds up dawn to dusk while hunting.  Indoors Bear is calm and a great companion.  He has the best mix of high octane in the field and when indoors, a calm loving couch dog.  He has that wonderful ON/OFF switch that makes goldens like him a joy to own.

Bear has all of the recommended OFA health clearances (hip, elbow, cardiac, and eye). In addition, Bear has thyroid clearance and is PRCD-PRA clear by parentage. If you are interested in one of Bear's puppies, it may be possible to arrange a visit in order to see Bear perform with his owner who lives in Ferndale, WA.
Porjay's Sprit Bear of TNT
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